Simone Tells It Like It is! Let's Review Her Sassiest 'Are You The One?' Quotes


"Girl Code" isn't the only MTV show that plays host to queens of sass. Since "Are You the One?" welcomed 20 singles into a beautiful house in Hawaii, and tasked them all with identifying their "perfect matches," Simone has offered a comedic respite from the intensity of the competition. Providing humor isn't necessarily always her goal, but it's usually the effect she has.

From the second she plopped down her bags and mused, "We're in Hawaii, it's raining, and people are w*t," we knew we were in for more than a few humdingers from the Chicago native. Between a near-throwdown with Jacy and a constant back-and-forth routine with John, Simone's never one to mince words, and it's why she's quickly become a fan favorite. Check out some of the greatest quotes she's offered up so far, as memes!

Upon being rejected by John:


Keepin' it real about her dating prospects:


Making astute comparisons:


Upon being challenged by Jacy to a fight:


Moving on, after an unfortunate Truth Booth visit.


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