Chelsea Says Her Perfect 'Teen Mom 2' Moment Came Too Late [Video]


Many of the young mothers featured on MTV -- Chelsea, in particular -- have been criticized in the past for hanging on to a white picket fence fantasy in which their children's fathers suddenly come around to the idea of family. Chelsea held out hope for years that Adam would eventually commit to their relationship and step up as a dad to Aubree, and on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," she finally saw a glimpse of the latter. It was...almost perfect.

As Aubree ran straight into her daddy's arms at the end of her first day of pre-school, and she was led out of class by both of her doting parents, the mood was bittersweet. It was the quintessential family moment, but so very long overdue. "I remember being in that moment, when we were holding her hand and she was swinging, and just thinking that it was so cute," Chelsea says in the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" below. "That's how it's supposed to be all the time."


Of course, Adam has moved on with another girl, Taylor, and is expecting a child with her any day, but luckily, Chelsea is no longer pining for a happily ever after with her ex. "In that moment, I had what I always thought was kinda cute, and I don't like him anymore, so it's like, 'Dang,'" she laments. "It doesn't feel the same." As they say, timing is everything, and that goes for relationships and pregnancy.

+ Check out the clip to hear more from Chelsea on co-parenting with Adam, and tell us if you think he's ready to be there for Aubree.