'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Leah And Corey Argue Over The Severity Of Ali's Health Issues


After relentless testing and many emotional conversations surrounding the condition of their daughter, Ali, divorced couple Leah and Corey seemed to finally get the hard truth on last week's "Teen Mom 2" episode. A medical expert told the exes that their little girl, who's had difficulty with motor skills since infancy, likely has Ullrich disease, a form of congenital muscular dystrophy. Not one to take any type of tough news lying down, Leah immediately started plotting out an educational path that would give Ali the appropriate attention she needs, but in the sneak peek below, Corey insists Ali doesn't need any special treatment.

"It's not a cold, Corey," Leah says as Corey continues to deny the severity of Ali's health issues. "You can't take an antibiotic and get over it in a week." Corey insists that Ali's "gonna be fine," and says she can afford to wait until she's four years old to enter a typical schooling environment like her twin sister, Aleeah. "I promise you, whenever [Ali] gets married, she will be walking down that aisle just like anyone else would," Corey says, dismissing Leah's concerns.

Should Leah keep pushing for a specialized program, or is Corey right to believe that Ali can handle traditional schooling? Watch the clip below, and tune in for the new episode Tuesday at 10/9c!