JWOWW's Pregnancy Cravings: Pizza, Pizza And More Pizza!


Despite engaging in twice-a-day workouts, it turns out JWOWW battles food cravings just like any other pregnant woman. Whew! We thought we had the second coming of Superwoman on our hands. While the "Snooki & JWOWW" star isn't necessarily jonesing for pickles (à la her bestie) or even Ben & Jerry's, her teeny, tiny bun in the oven is begging for carbs, carbs and more carbs. Specifically, pizza. It appears we have a true mini-guidette on the way!

In the latest pregnancy update on her website, Jenni admits, "I’m kind of obsessed with carbs right now! I love love love them!!! All I want to do is eat pizza!" Perhaps she developed a passion for it while flipping pies with the "Jersey Shore" cast in Florence?


Nonetheless, the fitness fanatic stresses that moderation is key, and she aims to eat four to six small meals a day. "As long as I eat healthy, I allow myself a few cheat meals a week," she writes. "I’m not a junk food or dessert person but give me something with bread and I’ll be in heaven."

Now please excuse us while we take a bite of our bagel.

Photos: JenniFarley.com, F**k Yeah JWOWW Tumblr