This Lauren Conrad GIF Officially Makes Her Our Hero



Just when we thought we couldn't love Lauren Conrad any more, this amazing GIF from 2012 suddenly appeared on the Interwebs this week, and now we really, truly can't get enough of the girl. In the images above, the former Hillzie can be seen putting a would-be heckler in his place during Sway's Sirius XM morning show. Turns out even when you're a famous reality TV star (slash author, fashion designer and lifestyle editor), you can STILL get hit with the occasional bout of sexism, but Miss Thang managed to keep her cool AND fire off the perfect three-letter response to a stupid question -- all with that sweet, signature smile on her face.

Lauren, if you ever get sick of hanging with Lo Bosworth, we're totally available to be your new BFF. (Really, please call us.)

GIF: (via Upworthy)