On The 'Real World S#!t Show': Everything You (Maybe) Wanted To Know About Jenny's Boobs


Five episodes in to "Real World: Ex-Plosion," we know Jenny to be the bubbly, compassionate blonde with exceedingly perky boobs*. In fact, before the exes arrived at the house (but after Ashley got kicked out, to be precise), Jenny's boobs were the honorary 7th and 8th housemates. Yet despite having a whole lot of personality, these titillating tatas are a relative mystery to fans of the show, which is why one of our first orders of business during our "Real World S#!t Show" premiere was to get to the bottom of Jenny's top half. Luckily, she was more than happy to oblige, and in the full episode below, we not only learn whether the bodacious beauty's rack is real or purchased (spoiler: it's the latter), she also shares which one she prefers.

"Probably my left one," Jenny tells co-hosts Chet Cannon and Willam of her favored implant after discussing her awkward love triangle with Cory and Brian. "They're bouncy," she adds. Girrrrl, tell us something we don't know.

Check out the premiere of MTV.com's "Real World S#!t Show" for more dirt-dishing from Jenny, Chet and Willam, plus a special appearance by relationship experts Frangela, and sound off in the comments about whether Cory or Brian is better suited for San Francisco's buxom babe.

* Please forgive us, feminist foremothers, for the blatant objectification about to follow.