Pound Town Confessions: Chris T. Would Kill For Another Hookup With Shanley


The "Are You The One?" Truth Booth hath decreed that Shanley and Chris T. simply aren't meant to be, but that didn't stop the singles from making Pound Town their second home during the series' first two episodes. Shanley admits in this week's Pound Town Confessions that she initially brushed Chris off because he wasn't her usual type, but as soon as the sparks started to fly between them, she let it happen (and happen...and happen...), and admits the doomed couple's alone time awakened a new kind of passion within her.

"He's really good in bed and he talks dirty," Shanley says in the video below. "I'm probably the most awkward person when it comes to sex, but it was so comfortable that I didn't have to be very awkward." Chris, too, was blown away by the intensity of his and Shanley's encounters, and says his rating of her would exceed any standard one-through-ten scale. "Immediately after the hookup with Shanley, I laid down and said to myself, 'When can I do that again? That was superb,'" Chris recalls. "I would probably throw people off cliffs just so I could hook up with Shanley again."

Stanning for Chranley even though they're not a perfect match? You definitely might be after hearing their Pound Town Confessions: