'Teen Wolf' Poll: Would You Rather See Stiles Stay Human Or Turn Supernatural?


Having seen the likes of werewolves, a Kanima and a Darach across three seasons, "Teen Wolf" has begun to feel like the Land of Oz, and humans around town are quickly becoming Beacon Hills' minority. Just recently, Lydia was revealed as a banshee and Kira figured out she was a Kitsune, but tonight, Stiles, whom audiences have relied on to stay human, discovered a supernatural strength that no other being has matched, and defeated one of the seemingly invincible Oni.

After Stiles complained of insomnia, delusions and temporary illiteracy to Melissa McCall, the nurse urged him to get some sleep. All the while, Stiles' friends were under siege by the Oni, who they discovered were on the hunt for a single entity that was possessed by an evil spirit. Scott and Kira were sure one of the two of them was the dark spirits' intended target, but when they both passed the Onis' test, the creatures fled to the hospital, where they descended upon Stiles. Just when it looked like Scott's sidekick was a goner, his eyes went blank, new superhuman reflexes kicked in and he reduced one of the dark spirits to a firefly. It's not clear whether Stiles is definitely the possessed being in question, but his moves were certainly more advanced than your typical high school student's...

+ What do you think -- would you be interested to see Stiles take on special powers, or do you want him to remain a regular ol' teenager? Take our poll!

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