Filming For 'Wild 'N Out' Season 6 Is In Full Swing With Both Familiar And Fresh Faces [Photos]


Sucka MCs Karlous Miller and Chico Bean.

After smashing network ratings last season, Nick Cannon and his band of "Wild 'N Out" comedians will be back at it again this summer, and as filming gets underway this week, some of the cast members have taken to Instagram to share pics from the set. We've rounded up a few of our favorite snapshots so far to give you a first look at who and what you can expect to see when Season 6 kicks off.

Series vets Chico Bean and Karlous Miller (pictured above) are set to return to the "WNO" stage, and we hope they're armed and ready to bring more of their old-school flavor to the Wildstyle once again! (It's nice to see that Nick decided to overlook that minor swag-snagging incident.) Battle rapper Conceited is also back to unleash more rapid-fire burns, and he's joined by a newbie in the pic below.

Though he may appear unfamiliar at first, you probably know this guy a lot better than you think. The new cast member is none other than Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, who is a mega-star on Vine with over five MILLION followers. The question is, how will he fare in a 30-minute episode as opposed to 6-second clips? We can't wait to find out!

Check out more backstage pics:


King Bach and Conceited are on point.


King Bach is still pointing as he gets friendly with Kosher.


Timothy DeLaGhetto preps for battle with a juicebox.

Photos: Karlous Miller's, Conceited's, Kosher's and Timothy DelaGhetto's Instagram accounts