Ranking The 5 Sexiest 'Teen Wolf' Parties


When it comes to danger befalling Beacon Hills, parties are the perfect set-up. Actually, scratch that (with Scott McCall claws). Hospitals, locker rooms and abandoned distilleries all make the creepy cut, too. But no matter what crazy, supernatural s**t goes down in the midst of a good time, the students of BHHS continue to party like rock stars, as evidenced during last week's episode, which featured one very steamy black-light shindig at Derek's loft.

"Illuminated" left us hot, bothered and looking back on past parties attended by Scott and his pack. Below, we've ranked the hottest "Teen Wolf" get-togethers of all time -- check 'em out, and tell us which was your favorite!



1. The Aforementioned Blackout Black-Light Party (Season 3, Episode 16)

If the students of BHHS needed a reason to party, a blackout caused by the electro-sucking Kira was reason enough to strip down and break out the body paint for an unforgettable glowfest. We were thoroughly wooed thanks to shirtless (and ripped beyond belief) werewolves, a steamy make-out sesh between Stiles and a bisexual babe and extreme sexual tension brewing between Allison and Isaac that you could cut with a hunting sword.


2. Lydia's Wolfsbane-Laced Birthday Party (Season 2, Episode 9)

Driven by the ghost of Peter Hale (remember back when Derek's creepy uncle was dead?), Lydia spiked the punch at her birthday party with wolfsbane. This left an ecstasy-like effect on the party guests (including one with a tail), who all made out with each other just before cooling themselves off in the pool.


3. Were-House Party (Season 2, Episode 8)

While trying to sedate Jackson-Kanima, the werewolf-turned-sexpot Erica (R.I.P.) tried to distract her lizardly target by dirty-dancing in between him and Isaac. And when we say "dirty," we mean dirty.


4. Meanwhile, At The Gay Bar (Season 2, Episode 6)

A determined hunt for the Kanima brought Scott and Stiles to a Beacon Hills gay club where the oh-so irresistible Stiles was felt up (and down) by hard bodies and drag queens alike. Truth? We'd do the same thing if we spotted Stiles strolling into a club.


5. The Beginning of Stydia and Scallison (Season 1, Episode 11)

We had to include this no-brainer formal dance from Season 1, for it marked (the first time) Stiles ever confessed his love to Lydia, as well as the beautiful beginning of Scallison. *single teardrop*

GIFs: MTV's Teen Wolf Tumblr