Jenelle Evans Reveals The Sex Of Her Second Child: Find It Out Here!


Jenelle Evans proudly displays her baby bump.

Jenelle Evans started off Season 5 of "Teen Mom 2" with a controversial decision to terminate her pregnancy and cut all ties with the baby's father, her then-husband Courtland Rogers, who was serving time in jail for drug-related charges. Those scenes from the premiere were shot a long time ago, however, and for fans of the show who follow Jenelle's social media accounts (and this blog), you know that the young mother is currently expecting a second child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, a part-time model whom last week's episode of "TM2" introduced into the fold.

Jenelle has traveled a long, hard road since we first met her on MTV's "16 and Pregnant," but as her baby bump grows bigger and she accrues more and more clean time after a heroin addiction that almost killed her, the young mother to four-year-old Jace is finally looking genuinely happy.

This morning, Jenelle excitedly revealed the sex of her second child by way of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, posting the pic below of her pregnant belly covered with Jace's and Nathan's bright blue hand prints. Looks like it's a boy!


If the couple hasn't changed their minds since we last saw them a few weeks ago, the little guy will be named Kaiser, which is the German word for "emperor." It is pronounced "kai-ZER," though you can expect his grandma Barb to call him "kai-ZAHHH."

Photos: Jenelle Evans' Facebook fan page

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