The 'Real World' Cast Wades Through The Wreckage Of Last Week's 'Ex-Plosion' [Sneak Peek]


Returning to reality after a relaxing vacation is about as sobering as it gets, but when the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" cast crossed through their San Francisco threshold on last week's episode, they got an unprecedentedly rude awakening: Their exes had moved in. Lauren, Jenna, Hailey, Brian and Ashley are now official cast members of Season 29, and in the sneak peek below, the original cast struggles to come to terms with their new reality -- there are six weeks of inescapable couple's therapy ahead.

Jenny, Thomas and the others try to act cordially toward their former flames, but as they slowly start to process the reality of what's to come, they get noticeably flustered. "They just ruined this entire thing," Thomas laments to Cory in the clip. While the two guys and Jenny suddenly have to balance new and old loves, Jay's pissed that he's been thrust back into being part of a couple after committing to some time alone. Arielle, on the other hand, is happy to spend more time with her ex-girlfriend, Ashley, while Jamie, the only cast member whose ex hasn't landed, is completely on edge about what the future holds. Will Cameron stroll through the front doors anytime soon?

"Round of applause for the crew, you did a great job," Cory concludes in a production interview. "But now you're gonna put me through hell."

Check out the sneak, and see if these 11 people can find some sort of harmony when "Real World" airs Wednesday night at 10/9c!