Molly Tarlov And Jillian Rose Reed's 9 Best Bestie Selfies


Don't believe everything you see on TV: Jillian and Molly are total BFFs!

Despite playing "Awkward" enemies on screen, Molly Tarlov and Jillian Rose Reed are practically attached at the hip when the cameras aren’t rolling, and from lunch break selfies to mid-fist-pump snapshots, the co-stars have shared quite a collection of slap-happy moments on Instagram. The latest pic -- posted by both girls -- shows them wearing a pair of 18-carat gold rings by Giolina & Angelo, officially cementing their status as best friends. Get a room, ladies! (Kidding, we're just jelly.)

The only friendship that even comes close to being this sweet is that of Molly and Jill's co-stars, Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff, but in terms of BFF selfies, the undeniable masters of the art form are definitely Mollian (sorry, Breau!). Below, check out our nine favorite photos from the girls.


Preparing to break Jenna out of jail, post-arrest, with a guest appearance by Beau Mirchoff! 


Pretty MTV Movie Awards dresses alert!


Aaaand we’re dead after seeing this Dia De Los Muertos dual selfie.


Jillian's got quite the smize, eh?!


Please don’t drive and selfie. Unless, you know, you’re riding shotgun.


Hear them roar! Katy Perry would be proud.


Cutest selfie ever.


Crap. We take it back. THIS is the cutest selfie ever.

Now that Sadie’s showing her softer side, think these off-screen besties can actually get along in Palos Hills? Only "Awkward" Season 4 will tell...

Photos: @mollytarlov, @jillianrosereed