Tonight's 'Ridiculousness,' 'Jerks' And 'Fantasy Factory' Will Bring Full-Bodied Fun [Sneak Peeks]


Laughing out loud at "Jerks With Cameras," "Fantasy Factory," and "Ridiculousness" requires only a mouth, a pair of lungs and some select muscles, but when the comedy-trifecta returns tonight at 10/9c, MTV's funniest reps will explore the human body a little bit more intensely. Slap on some latex gloves, check out the sneak peeks below and let's get started!

First, on "Ridiculousness," Internet sensation Jenna Marbles will stop by to lend her expertise on "face-looking," which involves staring with the entirety of one's head instead of relying exclusively on the eyes. The affliction earns one roller-blader a good ol' bruise when she glides mug-first into a giant park sign. Things aren't so good for a biker or bottle rocket-launcher, either, who both earn shiners for their need to be up close and personal.

Then, on "Jerks With Cameras," Kara Luiz will keep the pedestrians of Downtown L.A. on their toes with her latest prank. Acting as a news reporter on the scene, she stops people for on-the-spot interviews, only to insult their style, accuse them of being virginal and -- the most cutting -- call a guy short. "I'm not angry and I'm not short!" a passerby pleads with Kara, who can only report "Short men have attitude problems!" to her mock audience.

Finally, like any functioning digestive system, tonight's lineup will conclude with the ass, as Big Black finally steps up to arrange his first proctological exam. He looks to pal Rob Dyrdek for support during the tough endeavor, and though Rob is initially reluctant to also get his booty checked out, he finally commits to being BB's "butt brother." "As your butt brother, I'm gonna stand by as you get cleaned up and do all of that. I'm gonna be there for you." That's what friends are foooor.

Check out the clips, and tune in to the anatomical mayhem tonight at 10/9c!