Keahu Kahuanui Belches During Love Scenes, He Reveals On The 'Teen Wolf After After Show'


As hot as those "Teen Wolf" sex scenes might be, the truth behind them can actually be rather disgusting. Hawaiian hunk Keahu Kahuanui, who plays lacrosse star Danny, joins host Morgan Evans in this week's "Teen Wolf After After Show," and when one Twitter user poses a question about how to handle being gaseous during romantic scenes, things get real, real weird. Hint: Sometimes, burps are used as ammo. Lovely!

Keahu, who's had his fair share of onscreen make-out sessions, admits in the clip below that he's let a belch fly during a kissing scene before, but insists to Morgan that Charlie Carver, who plays Danny's love interest, Ethan, definitely had it coming. "I owed him for farting in a scene," he says of his payback burp, and goes on to tell a harrowing tale that seemed to start the whole bodily function war.

Keahu says he was once stuck filming next to the gassy Carver on a cramped bus, where Charlie let out a silent-but-deadly fart. Though there were multiple victims, Keahu shares that because he was closest to the culprit, his nostrils were especially damaged. "It was the worst by me. The proximity!"

Burping at his buddy isn't Keahu's only on-set offense, though. "I went commando," he admits when asked about the grossest thing he's done while in "Teen Wolf" wardrobe, but claims it was a necessity because it got really hot on set. Suuuuure it did, Keahu. Sure it did.

Want to know what happens when Keahu Kahuanui Googles himself? Check out the clip for more!

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