8 'Real World' Cast Members Who Found Themselves Trapped In Love Triangles


Tonight on "Real World: Ex-Plosion," the guillotine will finally drop when five of the housemates' exes move in. Drama is sure to follow, as some of the tenants have found new love in San Francisco, and the "Ex-Plosion" cast will be forced to face their former flames and explain themselves. The fact that they'll have to do it while all living together is certainly a new concept, but the truth is, Real Worlders have been struggling to balance at-home significant others with new romantic interests for years.

Ever since Flora had an affair despite being a taken woman on "Real World: Miami," the show has captured how hard it is to keep a relationship alive with distance and new prospects considered. Before the "Ex-Plosion" cast gets the rude awakening you've been waiting for, here's a look at eight alumni who found themselves stuck in love triangles.

11FloraFlora, "Real World: Miami" Though Flora's boyfriend, Mitchell, was very much a part of her life when she entered the house, she quickly found herself in a fling with her boss, Louis, and didn't even tell Mitchell about her man-on-the-side during his visit. Flora ultimately chose to stay with Mitchell, but found the road back to him especially bumpy.

11MontanaMontana, "Real World: Boston" Montana and her boyfriend, Vaj, agreed that she could see other people while in Beantown, but when he found out she actually followed through, he flipped out. Montana ultimately broke up with her Boston fling for Vaj, but he was too fed up with the situation and dumped her anyway.

11KyleKyle, "Real World: Chicago" The squeaky-clean Kyle came to The Windy City with a seemingly perfect relationship, but his Southern belle housemate, Keri, quickly left him smitten. Kyle would flirt with Keri in private but hid his affection for her in public, and his indecision over their relationship fractured it completely. By the time they moved out, the two were barely speaking.

11IrulanIrulan, "Real World: Las Vegas" Like Montana, Irulan was in an open relationship when she moved into the "Real World" house, but found that it was impossible to balance her affection for her boyfriend, Gabe, with the intrigue of her new crush, Alton. Irulan and Alton had all the ups and downs that are typical of a new couple, and when Irulan couldn't help but gush about Alton to Gabe, he couldn't deal with the affair and broke up with her.

11Shavonda Shavonda, "Real World: Philadelphia" Shavonda wanted to stay faithful to her boyfriend, Shaun, while in Philly, but broke things off with him early on to ensure she wouldn't be a cheater. Soon after, she and Landon began to flirt, but Shaun's relentless affection and flowergrams left her feeling confused and guilty. Finally, while on a trip to Fiji, Shavonda and Landon hooked up, but she left Philadelphia without a clear relationship with either guy.

11DunbarDunbar, "Real World: SydneyParisa first had her sights set on Dunbar when the cast moved into the "Real World" house, but he insisted he was faithful to his girlfriend, Julie...that is, until Shauvon's replacement, Ashli, moved in. Ashli and Dunbar hooked up, and when Ashli revealed their affair to the cast, Dunbar became enraged and completely degraded her. They were able to reconcile before moving out, though, and during the reunion, Dunbar revealed that he and Julie were still together.

11JonnaJonna, "Real World: Cancun" As soon as Jonna first caught CJ's eye in Cancun, she considered breaking up with her boyfriend, Matt, out of fear that temptation would get the best of her in Mexico. Matt was sweet, but Jonna found herself flirting with guys at every corner, and eventually broke up with him, which left her free to participate in the infamous threesome with Canadian Pat and Ayiiia.

11MikeMike, "Real World: D.C." Mike was officially broken up with his ex-boyfriend, Tanner, while he was in D.C., but the former couple's intense phone calls and emails had Mike second-guessing his choice to date other guys. The more new prospect Eric, for one, pressured Mike to be clearer about where they stood, the more Mike inched back toward his former flame, and the two eventually reconnected once Tanner visited.

Photos: Appio, Rene Cervantes