'Teen Mom 2''s Chelsea On The Example Adam Sets For Their Daughter: 'I Worry'


While it's great that "Teen Mom 2"'s Chelsea has finally gotten over her romantic feelings for Aubree's father, Adam, she's still not jumping for joy over his parenting efforts, and the sobering reality that she's going to be tied to him forever has set in. Plus, now that Adam's got a second baby on the way with his girlfriend, Taylor, their family dynamic is going to get a whole lot more complicated when Aubree becomes a big sister. In the first "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clip below, Chelsea explains her frustration over the whole situation.

"I figured [his girlfriend was pregnant], because he's not smart when it comes to that stuff," she says. However, even though Chelsea admits that she was bothered by the idea of Aubree being a half-sister to Adam's child, it's something that Aubree doesn't seem to think about it, because she doesn't see much of her baby sister, Paislee -- who was born back in September -- or her father, Chelsea shares.


As Aubree gets older, she's likely to become more aware of Adam's presence (or lack thereof) in her life, and in the second clip, Chelsea opens up about her fear that his checkered past will be detrimental to their daughter. "Yeah, I worry, because he should be setting a good example for her," she says. "And that's a problem, to get three DUIs."

"He just doesn't think about other things that his choices affect," she continues, adding that she has yet to tell Aubree that he's been to jail. However, when the time comes to discuss his run-ins with the law, she says she'll be open and honest about it.

As far as whether or not Adam will ever grow out of his bad-boy phase, Chelsea says we shouldn't hold our breath. "I think he's always gonna have issues, because I just know him."