'Teen Wolf' Poll: Can Scott Really Trust Kira?


From the outside looking in, there's nobody as sweet as Kira. The "Teen Wolf" new girl has kept to herself since school began, respects her parents implicitly and is disciplined enough to still worry about her studies despite being attacked by a crazed killer. This considered, it's no surprise that Scott has taken her under his wing, but on the latest episodeStiles played devil's advocate and asked what Scott has been refusing to consider: What if Kira can't be trusted? There has to be a reason she's being targeted, after all.

After an intense meeting at the police station in which Kira, Scott and Stiles lied to Agent McCall about the details surrounding the William Barrow encounter, Stiles urged Scott to keep his distance from Kira. "Until we figure out if she's just another psychotic monster that's gonna start murdering everybody, I vote against any and all interaction," he said. Scott ignored Stiles' pleas, though, and instead tried to help Kira figure out why William Barrow was after her, and why any photo taken with flash revealed an electric-looking force field around her.

At the black light party, Scott was able to use his heightened wolf sight to discover that the shape encompassing Kira resembled a fox, and as he discussed it with Kira on Derek's roof, even she wondered why he was so cavalier about her string of odd events. "How are you so OK with this?" she asked, referring to the photos she'd shared with Scott. "I look like a demon from hell."

"It didn't look that bad to me," he assured her.

+ What do you think? Is Scott being naive about Kira's potential danger, or is he right to trust her? Take our poll and explain your answer in the comments!

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