Tyler Hoechlin Talks Derek's Post-Alpha Path, Bleak Romantic Future


It's an understatement to say that Derek Hale's had a pretty rough life (dead family, murderous ex-girlfriend...need we continue?). One consolation to the crap hand he's been dealt was his status as top dog, but even that's been stripped of him now, and he's back to being a Beta whose lifestyle borders on hermit. So what's next for the lone wolf? Well, the actor behind the brooding lycanthrope, Tyler Hoechlin, opened up to E! Online yesterday about how his "Teen Wolf" character is hoping to find himself again amid all the heartbreak.

One potential guide to his future is Talia Hale. "Hopefully that talk gave him a little bit [of] direction, and hopefully will kind of motivate him and what he does for the rest of the season," he said of Derek's stab-induced Nemeton chat with his mother, and added that she may have even given her two cents on his terrible track record with the ladies. However, when it comes to possible girlfriends, TyHo admits that Derek's bar is set pretty low these days.

"Someone who's never killed people would be a good start," he joked of any potential love interest, but still sees the character as too lost to worry about dating. "I think Derek has other things on his mind right now." Poor guy, sounds like Derek really does need some "me time." Perhaps Beacon Hills can adopt the "Treat Yo Self" concept from Pawnee?

Photo: MTV