'Teen Wolf' Psych-Out: Lydia's Banshee Screams Are Silenced By Five Shadowy Demons

This season on “Teen Wolf,” the characters are taking brain-wrangling to the extreme, and we’re in for an unprecedented supernatural thrill ride. Each week, we’re serving up a clip of the moment that left us scrambling for the nightlight, and attempting to make sense of what happened. So, get beneath that blanket, clutch your most protective stuffed animal and check out the latest “Teen Wolf” Psych-Out:


It's no surprise that Halloween is more than tricks and treats in Beacon Hills -- on tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, all hell broke loose.

After five shadowy figures manifested in the Argent abode and terrorized Isaac, they set their sights on...everyone else...and a black light party in Derek's loft on All Hallow's Eve proved to be the perfect spot for their reign of terror to continue. The demons, who traveled in a pack, left their victims disoriented, ice-cold and...permanently tattooed. Attacks on Derek and Ethan were scary, but when the spirits got hold of Lydia, we felt actual chills.

In an effort to escape the monsters, Lydia stole away to Derek's balcony. Unfortunately for her, the cloaked creatures followed, and when Lydia tried to scream after watching one emerge from the ground, a second demon silenced her, held her paralyzed head in its hand and marked the skin behind her left ear with the number 5. Lydia physically recovered, but it's safe to say there might be a few therapy sessions in her future...

Check out this week's Psych-Out clip:

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