Noah's Ark Has Docked On Mac Miller's Right Leg [Photo]


Mac's tatted-up legs, before and after.

By now, Mac Miller fans know the rapper is a true master of transformation. From dyeing his hair pink to growing a funky 'stache, Mac often expresses his individuality by switching up his look, and his latest artistic statement comes by way of tatted-up limbs. Over the weekend, the "Most Dope" star Instagrammed the black-and-white photo above of his new ink, and it seems he's devoting his right leg to some of his favorite animals. As we've learned with Mac, there's more to his makeovers than meets the eye, so we decided to investigate the inspiration behind his new body art.

In the pic, the tat closest to his knee appears to be an homage to folk singer Daniel Johnston's frog drawing, which served as the cover art for his 1983 album, "Hi, How Are You." Underneath that is a portrait of a pup Mac identified as Ralphie, who has become a regular fixture on his Instagram feed as of late. Could this be the pooch that finally ended Mac's search for the perfect puppy? Lastly, we spy one of Australia's national symbols, a boxing kangaroo, with the word "Based" written vertically beside it. A reference to Mac's rapper friend, Lil B, who goes by "Based God," perhaps? Only thing is, Lil B ain't from the land down under, so...uh, care to explain this one to us, Mac? We're stumped!

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Photos: Colin Gray/MTV and Mac Miller's Instagram