'Are You The One?' Poll: Which Two Couples Are Already Matched Up Perfectly?


It's a good thing slow and steady wins the race, because on the premiere episode of "Are You The One?" only two out of 10 male contestants correctly identified their perfect female matches. We still don't know who guessed right -- and judging by how wrong everyone was about Chris and Shanley, it could be anyone -- but what's your gut telling you? Refresh your memory of each couple, then choose your top two picks for perfect matches in our poll!


Wes and Kayla: Both went on the yacht cruise with other people -- Brittany and Joey, respectively -- but didn't manage to connect with their dates. Could they have caught each other's eyes while snorkeling?


Ethan and Shanley: If Shanley couldn't have Chris T., whom she considered her ideal guy straight off the bat, she said she was happy to be chosen by Ethan, whom she also connected with early on.


Adam and Brittany: No surprise here -- even though Wes was Brittany's date on the yacht cruise, she wound up kissing Adam under the sea. Were these two right to pursue their island romance further?


Dre and Jacy: Before either had unpacked their bags, Dre and Jacy hit it off on a porch swing in the backyard, where Jacy was completely smitten with Dre and his red lips tattoo. Could some bonding over ink be enough to make these two a perfect match?


Chris T. and Jessica: With Shanley out of the picture, Chris picked Jessica, and Shanley (surprisingly) approved. "I would choose her for you," Shanley told her initial crush after he cast his vote. "I love her."


Joey and Paige: Paige seemed positively shocked when Joey chose her as his potential match, and even though he'd taken Kayla on the yacht date after winning one of the Getaway Challenge spots, he had his sights set on the blonde when Match-Up night finally rolled around.


John and Simone: These two both admitted they were not initially attracted to each other, but after some flirting, conversation and a trip to Pound Town, they quickly changed their tunes. Are the jokester and the take-charge chick one of the two correct matches?


Chris S. and Ashleigh: During the episode, Brooklynite Chris said he was looking for a girl that was unlike anyone he'd met in New York. Later on, Ashley fittingly described herself to Dillan as "an anomaly," but is she the anomaly Scali is looking for?


Ryan and Amber: Immediately after walking through the mansion's front door, Ryan gifted Amber with a flower, which she graciously accepted. "I like you already!" she gushed with a giggle. Could their positive first meeting mean true and lasting romance?


Dillan and Coleysia: These two had seemingly NOTHING in common, and Dillan even admitted that Coleysia wasn't among his top three choices, but could they be proof that love is blind?

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