'Teen Wolf' Stars Are Really Good At Guessing Famous Wolf Abs [Video]


As avid "Teen Wolf" watchers, we could spot Tyler Hoechlin's killer six-pack from anywhere -- like, even if we were stuck floating in outer space à la Sandra Bullock in "Gravity" -- but are his co-stars as adept at detecting his abs? Clevver TV set out to discover if Dylan O'BrienTyler Posey and Crystal Reed were up to snuff on all things abdominal, and in the video below, the trio is challenged to a game of "Guess the Wolf Abs," in which they try to pinpoint which half-naked body belongs to which Hollywood actor.

Up first, Joslyn Davis of Clevver gives the gang a soft pitch of Hoechlin's firm stomach, which Dylan and Tyler recognize immediately. "I know those abs anywhere," TyPo says (did the happy trail give it away?). With the second set of abs, Posey solidifies his identification skills by correctly -- and confidently -- shouting "Taylor Lautner!" sending Dylan into a laughing fit.

Though quiet at first, Crystal Reed eventually gets into the groove, nailing down Michael J. Fox (the original "Teen Wolf"!), Joe Manganiello of "True Blood" and Daniel Sharman with ease. Dylan, however, struggles to make sense of the sea of torsos -- that is, until a certain bit of flesh toward the end of the game flashes before him.

"It's one-hundred percent me, Jesus Christ," he gasps at an image of himself wearing only swim trunks. "Why did you even get that picture?!" The specifics are not important...we're just happy it exists! Now, when can we expect Stiles to take his shirt off?

Check out the video and see if you can guess as many werewolf abs as the cast: