Nicole Byer Challenges Austin Mahone To A Breakdance Battle At The 2014 Grammy Awards [Video]


Nicole Byer and Austin Mahone, a couple of breakdancing kindred spirits.

Nicole Byer regularly defies accepted social norms on “Girl Code” (take a quick look at her thoughts on relationships for a taste of her not-so-subtle musings), and last night MTV called upon the whip-smart comedienne to bring her sass to one of entertainment's biggest social events of the year: the 2014 Grammy Awards. A recipe for a wild time? You bet! During our red carpet live stream, she had some good fun with music's most celebrated stars, and in the midst of getting the skinny on Austin Mahone's songs and very shiny suit, Byer did what anyone in her position would do: challenged the 17-year-old to breakdance alongside her. HOPE YOU'RE TAKING NOTES, SEACREST!

After chatting Austin up about his new single, "Mmm Yeah," in the video below, fellow correspondent Sway clues Nicole in to the fact that the happy-go-lucky heartthrob does, indeed, have some B-boy talent. "Let's breakdance!" Nicole shouts after getting the word, seemingly ready to go to battle. "You can breakdance?" the artist responds, ready to accept her invitation. "No, look at me!" Nicole says. "I literally have no rhythm." Ah, dang. Maybe this is why her subway-dancing career never took off...

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Photos: MTV and Valerie Macon/Getty Images