That's What You Said...About Kira's Electrifying 'Teen Wolf' Power

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Just when you thought Beacon Hills' supernatural activity had reached peak levels, Kira whipped out her own unique power during the latest episode. The "Teen Wolf" newcomer was having enough trouble finding her footing in town when escaped killer William Barrow tracked her down, forced her to an electrical substation and tried to off her with a frayed power line, but then, when it looked like Kira was a goner, she absorbed the current and used it to protect herself against her assailant. Kira seemed just as surprised as us by her ability, so what does it mean for the sweet loner?

We don't know what Kira did, what she is or why Barrow was so intent on killing her, but since "Teen Wolf" fans are always on the ball, we asked y'all to take a crack at figuring things out. Check out the theories posted to the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook below, and tell us what you think about Kira's power!

"I originally thought she would be a Kitsune, but they aren't really known for electric powers. A Raiju is a fox sent down to earth in a lightning bolt and it has abilities that would follow Kira's while also keeping with the show's inclusion of transforming abilities." -- Baron Strumpet

"She is a Kitsune and the 'lightning' is foxfire, an ability of Kitsune. She as able to manipulate the lightning." -- TEEMO

"I think Kira is a Raiju. Maybe Barrow was hurt by fox/trickster spirits before so he targeted her." -- Raii Liu

"I think she's a Kitsune because they can transform themselves into beautiful women and may have the ability to control fire or lightning." -- Brynna

"It must have something to do with her family line she's so afraid to talk about. Its the only thing that could possibly explain it!" -- Bradley B.

"Kitsune don't tend to have power over electricity. She is a Raiju, or a wolf whose howl is a thunderclap, and whose body is made of lightning." -- David B.

"It's something Kitsunes can do -- she absorbed the energy and stopped herself from being electrified; it's a defense mechanism." -- Angelina W.