'Are You The One?' Poll: Did Chris And Shanley's Truth Booth Fail Surprise You?


When it comes to love, some say to trust your gut, but Chris and Shanley proved on the "Are You The One?" premiere that first instinct doesn't always lead to true romance. The two singles hit it off immediately, and before the first Match-Up ceremony, they'd kissed, gone on a scuba diving date and shared intense conversation. Unfortunately, however, their dreams were shot down almost as quickly as they'd risen when the Truth Booth served up a sobering "NO MATCH!" for the couple.

While their fellow game contestants mingled and sized each other up during the first week, Chris and Shanley stole away from the crowd and invested all their energy into one another. "Yes, it's early, I know, but you can't change the way somebody feels when it's strong," Chris said one night when he realized he was seriously falling for Shanley. The other 18 cast members seemed convinced by the couple's connection, and nearly unanimously voted them into the Truth Booth to find out if they were the first match...which, alas, they were not. Later on in the Match-Up, the disappointed pair were forced to separate for the sake of the game, and had to consider that two other faces in the crowd were better suited for them.

+ Were you shocked by the Truth Booth's reveal, or did you see it coming from a mile away? Take our poll, and explain your answer in the comments!

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