17 Reasons Dylan O’Brien Was A Shoo-In For Seventeen’s ‘Hottest Boys Of TV’ List

While the still very human Stiles Stilinksi may play second fiddle to his supernatural best bud, Scott McCall, fans of “Teen Wolf” have had a thing for the actor who plays him since day one. And the media is finally catching up! Seventeen just released a list of 17 crush-worthy guys on TV, and none other than Dylan O’Brien marks the sole rep for Beacon Hills. Sure, if we had our choice, the entire male cast of “Teen Wolf” would have made the cut (Tyler Hoechlin and his pecs were robbed!), but there’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about both Dylan and Stiles, and it’s about time they snagged the spotlight.

In honor of this big accolade, we went ahead and put together a list of 17 reasons Dylan/Stiles were shoo-ins for Seventeen’s list, which also includes one of our favorite “Awkward” studs, Beau Mirchoff. Jenna sure did give up a good thing… *sigh*

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