17 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Was A Shoo-In For Seventeen's 'Hottest Boys Of TV' List


While the still very human Stiles Stilinksi may play second fiddle to his supernatural best bud, Scott McCall, fans of "Teen Wolf" have had a thing for the actor who plays him since day one. And the media is finally catching up! Seventeen just released a list of 17 crush-worthy guys on TV, and none other than Dylan O'Brien marks the sole rep for Beacon Hills. Sure, if we had our choice, the entire male cast of "Teen Wolf" would have made the cut (Tyler Hoechlin and his pecs were robbed!), but there's just a certain je ne sais quoi about both Dylan and Stiles, and it's about time they snagged the spotlight.

In honor of this big accolade, we went ahead and put together a list of 17 reasons Dylan/Stiles were shoo-ins for Seventeen's list, which also includes one of our favorite "Awkward" studs, Beau Mirchoff. Jenna sure did give up a good thing... *sigh*

1. Have you seen this video of Dylan dancing with "The Maze Runner" cast yet? If not, do yourself a favor and click play IMMEDIATELY. Where has our boy been hiding these moves?

2. Despite accusing Executive Producer Jeff Davis of CGI-ing out his moles, "Teen Wolf" fans notice, fans love and fans even make Facebook pages about them.

3. And while we're on the topic of his face, let's just point out that smile. 'Scuse us while we melt away...


5. Hell, he even looks cute when he's crying.

6. But he's not just a pretty face! Dylan's acting chops have seriously shone through this season, and every time Stiles loses his mind, we seriously feel his pain.

7. And it's not just acting -- he wrote a "Teen Wolf" scene for Season 3!

8. His bromance with Tyler Posey is unparalleled.

9. And thennnnn there's Stydia. Oh, Stydia. Our hearts pump for thee.

10. And Sterek, for that matter.

11. He's extremely Giffable. Please turn your attention to this blog for proof, and bookmark it to stave off future boredom.

12. He's not too cool to hang out with fans.

13. Nobody's really sure what a Stiles is, and that makes him (it?) MYSTERIOUS.

14. Even though he's the show's sidekick, our Stiles has saved the day quite a few times.

15. His presence in any and all blooper reels is a ray of sunshine.

16. Watch out, Hollywood, Mr. O'Brien is about to blow up! We cannot wait for "The Maze Runner." Is it September yet?

17. He looks a helluva lot like iconic hunk James Dean. Swoon!

Dylan, don't ever change, k?

Photo: MTV

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