The Mighty Will Fall On 'Ridiculousness,' 'Fantasy Factory' And 'Jerks With Cameras' [Sneak Peeks]


The most important law of gravity is that what goes up must come down, and tonight, MTV's hardest-hitting triple threat will ensure that it stays there. "Ridiculousness," "Jerks With Cameras" and "Fantasy Factory" will all see some solid falls from grace starting at 10/9c, and by the time Rob and Big wrap things up in Los Angeles' most magical warehouse, few will be left standing.

First, on "Ridiculousness," Rob will pay tribute to folks whose s**t-eating techniques are second-to-none. In the "I'm Gonna Crash Here" reel, there are plummets off of bunk beds, drunken stumbles into kitchen tables and even one adorable feline pass-out. At least those featured won't have to resort to counting sheep. Sweet dreams!

Then, on "Jerks With Cameras," Danielle Hawkins will set out to take down a random crowd of men for an atrocity none of them committed. At a car wash, the comedienne will accuse multiple patrons of fathering her unborn child, and proceed to cuss them out for neglecting her and skirting their financial obligations. "You're gonna take care of this baby!" she shouts as she chases one of her prank victims into the street.

Finally, on "Fantasy Factory," Rob will call in the likes of Cat Behaviorist (yup, it's a thing!) Michelle, who will help Big Cat channel his inner-beast. After learning the ins and outs of marking territory and properly stalking prey, he'll be ready to take down Zebra Big in one fell swoop. Better get in prime pouncing position!

Check out the sneaks, and watch it ALL GO DOWN tonight at 10/9c on MTV!