Lo Bosworth Explains The Science Behind Those Long, Lingering Stares On 'The Hills'


What would you say is “The Hills”' lasting legacy? Dating pitfalls? The power of sisterhood? The D-R-A-M-A? Perhaps, but for many viewers, no episode was complete without a handful of pointed, laser-focused glares powerful enough to burn holes through cement. Whether over sushi or at Les Deux, we could always count on Lauren Conrad & Co. to look daggers at one another, and finally, former cast member Lo Bosworth has come forward to explain how all those long, silent staring contests came to be.

According to Lo, the show's famous glares were a result of a production technique called "taking the room tone," in which sound operators would have to stop conversations to adjust audio depending on how the girls' environment changed. "Pretty frequently when we filmed, we would have to stop for a minute and...everyone would have to be quiet," she shares at the 12:50 mark in a YouTube segment she posted to her channel yesterday. "And frequently, they would catch us dazing off into space and looking like we were really bored or...mad."

"And they would take those clips of room tone and edit them into the show," she adds with a giggle. "We didn't discover that trick until a season or two in."

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