Before 'Fantasy Factory' Shuts Down For Good, Watch Rob And Big's Most Ridiculous Moments


It took three full seasons of "Fantasy Factory" before Chris "Big Black" Boykin assumed his rightful place within the walls of Rob Dyrdek's warehouse, and the show's seen twice the amount of ridiculousness since. Between pitching male-enhancement drugs and trying to become bona fide action stars, the duo that got its start on "Rob & Big" has set the standard for double trouble-making. Nice try, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, but you've got nothing on these guys.

As much as we've enjoyed watching the unlikely pair wreak havoc on DramaBig Cat and the city of Los Angeles, all good things must come to an end, and when the "Fantasy Factory" closes its doors after Season 6, it's the last we'll see of Rob & least for now. So that we can say goodbye to these jokesters in style, check out the five wackiest stunts they've ever pulled, and don't miss the final episodes of "Fantasy Factory" Thursday nights at 11/10c!

Battling for rule of a magic kingdom: The "Zelda" and "Final Fantasy" series have nothing on the gang's IRL RPG. Rob, Big and the "FF" crew set off to an imaginary land to take control of Ascension Castle, and after they solved riddles and battled it out with foam weapons, they succeeded. All hail the kings of LARP!

Constructing fake asses to impress women: It's the age-old question: Do women like men with gigantic butts? The duo moved to find out for themselves, and with the help of a "butt-let," Rob and Big confirmed that ladies do indeed appreciate a little junk in the trunk.

Feeding the public s**t-inducing meals: Who doesn't love a good BM! Big, an expert on getting the bowels to bust a move, wanted to share his Number 2 expertise with the masses by crafting dishes full of fiber and selling them to passersby from a food truck. Sadly, his culinary skills fell flat, and he was forced to pack in his butt-breaking ambition.

Going for a joyride in a penis-shaped car: Batmobile, schmatmobile. If you really want to turn heads, you hit the streets of SoCal in a vehicle that bears a striking resemblance to the male genitalia. Forget the Walk Of Fame -- direct your attention to the Whip Of Shame!

Dueling with giant inflatable dongs: Because why not?!