Jionni Surprises Snooki With A Sweet Video Of Their Son Saying 'Mama'


A crocodile pacifier and leopard-print boots? 'Enzo is his mother's son! 

It almost took this entire season of "Snooki & JWOWW" for Baby Lorenzo to come around to his mother, but by the time the family celebrated his first birthday, he was a total mama's boy. And these days, even Jionni's helping to forge 'Enzo's connection to Nicole.

Earlier this week, the former meatball's husby-to-be sent her a present so heartwarming, it has the power to melt "Frozen"'s resident Ice Queen, Elsa. The video below of Lorenzo saying "mama," which Nicole shared with her Instagram followers (along with a caption that thanked Jionni for the pick-me-up), will instantly make you belt out an "awwww".

"Lorenzo, say 'mama'!" Jionni instructs from behind the camera, and after mulling it over for a sec ('Enzo already knows the value of a good dramatic pause), the guido-in-training recites "mama" back with a knowing smile and head-tilt, as if to say, "Yeah, I just made my mom's day." If the kid's this skilled at turning his parents into mush now, we can't wait to see what he busts out once he masters full sentences!

Try not to get a cavity while watching all the sweetness:

Photo: Snooki's Instagram