'Girl Code' Comedienne Quinn Marcus Is Scorned By Sorority Hopefuls While Recruiting An Audience [Video]


Sororities are known for their commitment to sisterhood, academic excellence and partying 'til dawn. Friendliness to outsiders? Not so much. While preparing for her one-woman show at Tulane University, Quinn Marcus of "Girl Code" took the opportunity to head out to campus in the thick of Greek life's "Bid Week" to recruit an audience, but quickly found she wasn't necessarily a hit among the undergrads. In the video below, though, she doesn't let a few cold shoulders get to her.

After getting a tepid reception from a few neon hat- and tutu-sporting sisters, Quinn doesn't lose steam, and presses forward with the college crowd. "I think we're kind of all dressed alike," Quinn tells the camera as she heads to the quad. "I fit in perfectly." As she approaches some Sigma Deltas with flyers in hand, however, all evidence points to the contrary. "Now is not really a good time," one rep says, brushing her off. And when Quinn tries to join a pow-wow in the Kappa pad, she's immediately rebuffed. "You're not allowed to come in the house," a sunglassed sister says with a Red Bull in hand. SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN THEY SEE IT!

Check out Quinn's hilarious recruitment session, and see her show at Tulane's Lupin Theater on Friday or Saturday night if you're in the area!