There's 'Endless' Poop Talk On The 'Teen Wolf' Set, Says Tyler Posey


Getting to be a fly on the wall of your favorite TV show's set is any fan's dream come true, and now, "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey is giving us a little taste of what that might be like in his neck of the woods. The goofball behind True Alpha Scott McCall hopped onto the "Teen Wolf After After Show" hot seat this week, and in the clip below, host Morgan Evans delivers a doozy dooky of a Twitter question straight outta the gate: How many times a day does the cast say "poop" on set?

"Oh, endless," TyPo answers without hesitation. "No way to tally up the points. There is so much poop talk on set, I can't even have any idea of how much poop we say poop." Enlightening! And for the record, we'd gladly suffer one of Kira's electric shocks to hear Daniel Sharman repeat the word in proper British accent.

After YouTube sensation Lohanthony chimes in with his own "poop," the conversation turns to the ever-present Scott/Allison/Isaac love triangle, and Tyler says that even though Scott knows his romantic relationship with Allison is over, that doesn't mean Isaac is in the clear.

"I think Scott kind of sees Isaac as overstepping his boundaries a little bit," Tyler says. "[Scott] just needs to show who's the Alpha in the house, you know? So he hits him a couple of times." We wonder if that same practice will come in to play once the exes enter the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" house...

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