Here Is Your First 'Are You The One?' Perfect Match Clue!


Tonight's "Are You The One?" premiere isn't even over yet, but already a ton of love connections have been formed. The question is, how many of these initial attractions will lead to perfect matches? Don't fancy yourself a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? No worries, we've got ya covered. Over the course of the game, we'll be revealing two of the Chosen Couples before they even know they're a match. There's only one condition to receive your weekly clues: You gotta give your two cents on who should be sent to the Truth Booth! If you tweet it, clues will come.

Tonight, Chris T. and Shanley, Adam and Jess, Joey and Kayla and Wes and Brittany all won getaway dates, and we tasked you with live-tweeting which of these four couples you wanted to see in the Truth Booth. Ultimately, Chris T. and Shanley -- the pair that forged the most intense connection (over "Labyrinth," of all things) -- were voted in by the rest of the house, and despite the fact that 86 percent of you guys said you wanted to see them in there, too, they were NOT a match. Luckily, though, thanks to all of your social media feedback, you still earned your first clue. Check out the silhouette of the first perfect match above, and see if you can figure out who the lucky lovebirds are. And if you're simply stumped, fear not -- your tweets have the potential to reveal an even juicier hint next Tuesday night. So keep watching, keep tweeting and keep believing. Soon enough your curiosity will be quenched!