'Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment': Jeremy Finally Unloads About Leah's First Marriage


Much of Leah's storyline during Season 4 of "Teen Mom 2" revolved around having to choose between the father of her twins, Corey, and the new man in her life, Jeremy. Leah ended up staying with Jeremy and eventually married him, which left Corey heartbroken, but during tonight's Season 5 premiere, we were happy to see that Corey had moved on with someone else.

Leah and Corey spoke candidly with each other the day before Corey's wedding, and though they were both in good spirits, they couldn't help but wonder how their split might have affected their girls. Leah even expressed some regret. "I tell everyone that we could have tried harder, but it is what it is," she said.


"We were young. We made very, very irrational decisions," Leah tells Jeremy of her turbulent relationship with Corey in the first "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" video below, adding that had they been more mature about their issues, things might have turned out differently. However, Jeremy says that his wife put in plenty of effort, and that it was Corey who mainly dropped the ball. "He didn't really seem like he tried too much," he tells Leah. "And after the fact, he didn't really seem like he gave a damn, either."

Not that Jeremy's complaining. During tonight's premiere, "Thank God!" were his exact words when Leah asked him how he felt about Corey's engagement to Miranda, and though he initially dances around the topic in the second clip below, Leah knows exactly what her husband meant by it. "So, you were glad that he was finally engaged and moving on, so that way he didn't try to come in between us," she leads, to which Jeremy begrudgingly agrees. Can you blame the guy? He had the patience of a saint while Leah and Corey were trying to figure things out!

Today, Jeremy can look back on the experience and it admit it was a struggle. "It wasn't easy to sit there," he tells Leah. "It was kind of aggravating."

+ Watch the videos below to hear more of Leah and Jeremy's frank discussion, then tell us if you think Leah and Corey did everything in their power to save their marriage.

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