What Do You Make Of Kira's Electric 'Teen Wolf' Power?


Upon moving from New York to Beacon Hills, Kira felt like an outsider, and though she and Scott shared a few friendly conversations during her first days at school, her social life was sparse. On tonight's "Teen Wolf," however, Kira forged a genuine connection with Scott...at least, right up until the point when a crazed killer took a pipe to Scott's head and stole her away. You know, the usual.

The infamous William Barrow, who was convicted for killing a group of children, had been transferred to Nurse McCall's hospital in need of an operation, and during the pre-op consultation, she learned his targets shared a common quality: glowing eyes. Before she could warn Scott that the man might be after werewolves, Barrow escaped from the operating table and made his way to the high school, where he kidnapped Kira.

Thanks to Lydia's burgeoning Banshee powers, she, Scott and Stiles deduced that Barrow had taken Kira to the town's electrical substation. When they arrived, Scott proved to be no match for Barrow, but just when it looked like Kira was toast, she managed to absorb the engineer-turned-murderer's electrical attack and use it against him, knocking him to the ground with a pronounced blast.

+ Kira looked completely shocked by her own ability, so what do you think is the deal with her power? Give us your best guess, and hold tight for next Monday's new episode!