CMT's Filling The 'Jersey Shore' Void With 'Party Down South,' Premiering Tonight!


Hide the late-night pizza, kill the house music and kick the guidos to the curb -- there's a new crew of party animals about to take over. Premiering tonight on CMT, "Party Down South" will follow eight of the wildest Southerners around as they spend the summer ripping up the Carolina coast. There will be mermaid-strippers and outdoor bathroom breaks, of course, but at the heart of it all, the show's just about some good-natured folks having the time of their lives.

"It's more than, like, drinkin' and partying, it's the way we became friends while we were there," Ryan "Daddy" Richards, a 33-year-old Alabama native, says in the cast introduction clip below. "I never thought that I would be this tight with these people." And when you consider that Murray's willing to pee on Tiffany's jellyfish sting in the sneak peek that follows, it's clear that Richards isn't lying. That, friends, is commitment to helping a pal out.

Take a look at the trailer, get to know the cast and catch the premiere TONIGHT at 10/9c on CMT!

Photo: Christopher Shane