Does Lydia's Mom Look Familiar On 'Teen Wolf'? Well, Does 'Mulva' Ring A Bell?


Susan Walters on "Teen Wolf" today, and on "Seinfeld" in 1993.

In Hollywood, everybody has to start somewhere! Nikki Deloach of "Awkward" earned her stripes in a pop group, Michelle Ang of "Underemployed" was on a post-apocalyptic show called "The Tribe" and this week, we were beyond ecstatic to have discovered that Susan Walters, who plays Lydia Martin's mother on "Teen Wolf," was a major player in one of the most iconic "Seinfeld" episodes of all time. Ladies and gentlemen: Re-meet "Mulva."

On a 1993 episode of the hit sitcom called "The Junior Mint," Jerry meets Walters' character in a grocery store, but can't remember her name -- all he can recall is that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. When the woman in question finally catches on to Jerry's absentmindedness, she leaves his apartment in a huff while he frantically tries to guess her identity. "Gipple," "Mulva" and "Loreola" are among his offerings, until it finally hits him: Her name is Dolores! Sadly, Walters' character is long gone before Jerry can correct his mistake(s) in person.

+ Watch Walters on "Seinfeld" and "Teen Wolf" below, and tell us if you recognized her!