Thomas And Jamie Or Cory And Jenny: Which 'Real World' Couple Shows More Promise?


The "Real World: Ex-Plosion" housemates have only been in California for about a week, but four are already riding high on relationship roller-coasters. On tonight's episode, Cory and Jenny took their bear-costumed hookup into couples territory, while Jamie and Thomas officially threw down the boyfriend/girlfriend gauntlet. There were moments when both duos seemed insanely happy, but both had drama to boot.

Jamie was pleasantly surprised to find that Thomas wasn't the stoner-ish frat boy that she assumed he'd be but was, in fact, sweet and innocent. Thomas admitted to Jamie that he'd slept with only three women, and when Jamie told him that her number was much higher, a fight erupted in which Jamie felt judged. Jhomas mended fences, though, and even declared their relationship official, but Thomas grew tired of Jamie's jealous ways at the bar, and said the more possessive she got, the likelier he was to cut things off.

Cory and Jenny weren't as quick to put labels on their relationship, but it was clear that they were enjoying each other's company (just ask any of the housemates who saw them getting down in the shower). Quickly, however, Cory admitted that he'd never dated anyone as headstrong as Jenny, and hated the idea that she held the cards. Plus, after catching Cory in a street fight with an ornery local, Jenny said she wasn't ready to get involved with someone who could snap at the drop of a hat.

+ Tell us what you think -- does one couple have a better shot at lasting than the other?

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