Which Iconic Hairstyle Do You Like Best On 'Ain't That America' Co-host Carly Aquilino?


Sorry, Ariel. THIS redhead is the real deal.

To the best of our knowledge, Carly Aquilino is most well-known for two things: sassy quips and crimson locks. The "Girl Code" comedienne always stands out in a crowd because of her fiery 'do, but though it's become her physical trademark, we know from this Throwback Thursday gem that Carly can rock ANY style she chooses.

Enter: Photoshop.

In light of her new co-hosting duties on "Ain't That America," we decided it would be fun to give Carly a few patriotic makeovers, starting with an iconic coif from the 18th century: Martha Washington's! From there, we moved on to Jennifer Aniston's infamous "Friends" 'do (a.k.a. "The Rachel"), Marilyn Monroe's platinum blonde finger waves, '70s sex symbol Farrah Fawcett's feathered wings and lastly, First Lady extraordinaire Michelle Obama's Inauguration bangs. We happen to think Carly totally rocked each experiment, but we'll let you guys be the judge. Check out her new looks, and let us know your favorite! Plus, don't forget to watch Carly tonight at 11/10c on MTV2 during the premiere of "Ain't That America."


Martha TOTALLY would have had a sleeve tat if she were alive today.


Perhaps blondes DO have more fun?


Now casting "Carly's Angels."


Next up: Chris Distefano gets "The Ross."


Well, she IS MTV's First Lady of Comedy.

Photos: mwashington.yolasite, Michael Ochs Archives/ ABC Photo Archives/ ROn Gallela, ltd/ Ida Mae Astute/ Getty Images