Trust Runs Thin In This 'Real World' Sneak Peek And 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Trailer


If a cast member makes it out of the "Real World" house with a true friend, they should consider themselves lucky. It's far more likely he or she experiences a betrayal (or two), and in this new "Ex-Plosion" sneak peek, introduced by the lovely ArielleJay finds that his trust has literally been torn to shreds when a fellow housemate rips up his phone list. He's not the only one who's on edge, though, and as we can see from the following trailer for upcoming flick "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," Tom Clancy's literary hero will have a tough time telling friend from foe, too.

In the sneak, Jay enters the phone room to make a call, and sees that a list of important digits he brought with him to San Francisco has been annihilated, but no one will fess up to going all Edward Scissorhands on it. "How do I find who did this?" Jay asks. Sounds like he could use some help from CIA analyst Jack Ryan! However, the trailer shows us that Jack has his hands full with a terrorism investigation that becomes more complicated and dangerous the deeper he gets involved. Sorry, Jay, you're on your own with this one.

Watch both scenes in the video below, tune in to the next "Real World" episode Wednesday night at 10/9c and check out "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" when it hits theaters on January 17!