Holland Roden Admits She's Always Tardy For The Party On The 'Teen Wolf After After Show'


Regardless of how we're actually feeling, most of us typically answer the question "How are you?" with an automatic "Fine! And youuuuu?" However, Holland Roden wants no part of that fake BS. In this clip from the latest "After After Show," the "Teen Wolf" siren rubs elbows with host Morgan Evans and YouTube star Lohanthony, and refuses to adhere to expected interview protocol. After watching this, we'd give anything to see Holland square off against Jennifer Lawrence in a straight-talk contest.

In the video below, Morgan starts off with the quintessential softball that Holland catches and throws back with full force. "Should we talk about how we're really doing?" she asks, before explaining that she was running late, and probably still has leftover food in her teeth from dinner. After a group mouth spot-check, Holland gears up to take on some fan questions via Twitter, and even though she just got finished talking about her own tardiness, when asked which cast member is most likely to be late, she hangs Crystal Reed out to dry almost instantly. "Oh, Crystal's gonna kill me!" she squeals.

"I'm like a ten-minuter. I'm always, like, five to ten minutes late," Holland claims of her own inability to get to places on time. Quick, someone stealthily steal her watch and set it 15 minutes fast!