Roger Outs Jenni As A Sleep-Farter During 'The Not-Yet-Wed Game With Snooki & JWOWW'


True love is not all flowers and chocolates and candlelit dinners. Nope, to give your heart over to someone unconditionally is to put up with their less desirable habits and still want to snuggle at the end of a long day. During last night's "Newlywed"-style "Not-Yet-Wed Game with Snooki & JWOWW," Nicole and Jionni were pitted against Jenni and Roger to find out which relationship was more in sync, and at one point, host Jessimae Peluso of "Girl Code" separated the wheat from the chaff when she asked Roger and Jionni to divulge their fiancés' nastiest tendencies, and then tasked the girls with guessing their beaus' answers.

Though JWOWW had two possibilities in mind -- picking her nose and burping -- neither turned out to be correct, and Roger's disappointment was apparent as he held up a card that read "FARTS IN HER SLEEP!"

"I can't control that," Jenni yelped, understandably embarrassed. "Everyone farts in their sleep!"

While RogWOWW failed the challenge, Snionni sailed right through it, and Snooki didn't seem the least bit ashamed over her own scatological admission. "I leave poop in the toilet sometimes," she said, earning 10 points for the correct answer and a look of pride from Jionni. Man, love. When you know, you know, right?

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