Watching Snooki's Sweetest Mommy Moments Will Convert Any Kid-Hater [Video]


Nothing (well, aside from seeing Derek Hale with his shirt off on "Teen Wolf") makes our hearts melt more than watching Snooki in full-on mommy mode. When the pirate brigade celebrated little Lorenzo's first birthday (with a "Yo! Ho! Ho!" and a bottle of milk!) on the "Snooki & JWOWW" season finale, Nicole's sincere emotions over her baby growing up left us fondly looking back at 'Enzo's first year of life, and we knew instantly what we needed to do: make a list of their sweetest mother-and-son moments! Get a tissue handy...

Lorenzo's Birth

Back when we first met Snooki in 2009, we never thought we'd see this sensitive side of the petite guidette, yet we sobbed right along with with the new mommy shortly after Baby LaValle's birth. One thing's for sure: Lorenzo will never, ever be hurtin' for love!

Baby's First Bath

While Jionni was beyond nervous about washing up the "fragile" wee one, bathing Lorenzo came naturally to Snooki, who scrubbed his little fingers and toes with the utmost care. A baby shampoo and a mommy kiss on the forehead later, and 'Enzo was cozied up and ready for dinner!

Snooki & Lorenzo's Morning Ritual

After a turbulent relationship with literature, we were delighted to see Lorenzo looking positively gleeful while sifting though his favorite touch-and-feel book with Snooks. Peek-a-boo, we see a toothache comin' from all these sweet'ums!

Mommy & Me Swim Time

In an effort to bond with daddy's boy 'Enzo, who had been doing little more with Mom than chucking large plastic toys at her head, Snooki took her tyke to a "Mommy & Me" swim class. Despite Lorenzo's attempts to splash off Snooki's eye makeup, the duo frolicked (and flirted, in 'Enzo's case) their way around the pool during a scene that left us coping with cuteness overload.

'Enzo's Priceless Foot Pillows

Just try to watch this clip of Nicole nuzzling Lorenzo's feet without smiling. We dare you.

Snooki Loses It While Cutting 'Enzo's Cake

Throughout the Season 3 finale, Snooki reiterated how many mixed emotions she was feeling over Lorenzo's first birthday: She was sad, excited, happy, nervous and just about everything in between. The proud mama held it together for most of the pirate party prep, but it all proved to be too much when everyone shouted "Happy birthday!" Those tears are real, folks, and we felt 'em, too.