Newlywed Danielle Fishel Dishes On Her Happy Married Life [Video]


Nice bling, Mrs. Belusko!

It's been three months since Danielle Fishel said "I do," and the "Girl Meets World" star is finally opening up about her marital bliss. In the latest installment of PopSugar's "Dear Danielle," the actress best known as Topanga doles out love advice, and even though she learned a little something about true romance during her days on "Boy Meets World," she says it's her real-life relationship with husby Tim Belusko that's taught her how to have it ALL.

"What [Tim and I] find so attractive about the other one is that we have so many common interests," she tells our ol' "Teen Wolf FANtastic Show" pal, Tyler Oakley, who appears next to Danielle like some sort of YouTube genie, when asked by a fan about how to balance love and career. "We debrief for about 15 minutes about what our work days were like, and then we put that to the side, and we focus on something that we like to do together." (Get your mind out of the gutter -- she means cooking dinner.)

"We're kind of each other's best friends," she says. Aww, just like Cory and Topanga! It sure must be nice to have two husbands...

Watch the video to learn more about Danielle's new life as a wife, and check out reruns of "Boy Meets World," weekdays on MTV2!

Photo: Danielle Fishel's Instagram