'Charlamagne And Friends' Sneak Peek: DJ Khaled Recalls That One Time His Tour Bus Blew Up


The new season of "Charlamagne and Friends" is only a day away, and frankly, if talk of an exploding tour bus doesn't get you pumped, we don't know what will. In this sneak peek of the premiere's MTV Other segment, C Tha God sits down with DJ Khaled for a round of "In Your Head," and an animated version of the host uncovers one of his equally toontastic interviewee's most insane stories: when Khaled and his crew almost bit the dust because his tricked-out tour bus turned into LITERAL hot wheels. Sounds like Khaled could have used some of  Xzibit's "Pimp My Ride" expertise!

In the clip below, the rapper describes his motorized mansion as "one of those buses with the massive bedroom, marble floors, granite kitchen [and] shower." You know, the kind you ride in when all you do is "win, win, win no matter what." However, car trouble can attack even the most luxurious vehicles, and Khaled says he freaked when he saw that the bus's entire rear was engulfed in flames. "So, we all run out the bus," he tells C, adding that he only had time to save his laptop, where the tracks for his album, "Kiss the Ring," were stored. Nice save! Let's just hope he had some good insurance for the rest of his belongings.

Watch the clip, and don't miss the season premiere of "Charlamagne and Friends," Wednesday night at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!