'Fantasy Factory' Sneak Peek: Rob Invites The Other Rick Ross To Host A 'Dramatic' Intervention


No matter how many successes Rob Dyrdek has had, he's still managed to stay down-to-earth and not let it all go to his head. His crew, on the other hand, is a different story. Now that "Fantasy Factory" is about to enter its sixth and final season, a few members of the "FF" family have let their egos get the better of 'em, and in this sneak peek of the premiere, Rob, along with Big Black, have had it up to here with Chris "Drama" Pfaff's "douchebag" behavior. Time for an intervention!

After shoving Drama into a glass case of emotion, the guys wheel him over to Rick Ross (not this Rick Ross), an expert "deprogrammer," and despite Drama's protest ("we could just talk like normal people!" he pleads), force him to listen to some harsh critique.

"[Chris] has become...a full-fledged douchebag," Rob informs Mr. Ross, before citing specific examples -- like the fact that he has a giant poster of himself in front of a Rolls Royce hanging in his office -- as to why he needs an attitude adjustment.

Mr. Ross wisely advises that Chris needs to find his way back to his old Ohio roots, and though his methods to get there are a little unorthodox, we think Rob and Big have the right idea by wheeling him back to his office so he can stare down his shameful current state. Hey, it's a start!

Check out the clip, and don't miss the season premiere of "Fantasy Factory," Thursday at 11/10c!