'Teen Wolf' Psych-Out: Werewolves Dine On Allison's Entrails In Her Latest Hallucination

This season on “Teen Wolf,” the characters are taking brain-wrangling to the extreme, and we’re in for an unprecedented supernatural thrill ride. Each week, we’re serving up a clip of the moment that left us scrambling for the nightlight, and attempting to make sense of what happened. So, get beneath that blanket, clutch your most protective stuffed animal and check out the latest “Teen Wolf” Psych-Out:


Daydreaming can be a pleasant escape, but for Allison Argent, daily zone-outs are starting to look more like the kill room in a "Saw" film. Beacon Hills' resident Annie Oakley has been losing it ever since she and her pals had a brush with death at the site of the Nemeton, and on tonight's "Teen Wolf," while bending over to pick up a vial she'd dropped, Allison hallucinated that a gang of werewolf-doctors -- led by dearly departed Aunt Kate -- tore into her innards with their fangs. The operating room certainly looked different than the ones on "Grey's Anatomy"...

It took Allison about a minute to snap out of her vision, which began with a close-up of her exposed beating heart, and as soon as she did, she found herself holding a rifle that was pointed at Isaac. Ultimately, she was able to calm her cloudy head enough to help free Malia from her full coyote state, but what gives with all the mirages?

Welp, according to Dream Moods, the sight of a heart in an unconscious state can represent truth or courage, but if the heart's being operated on, it means "a huge change in your personal relationship." Well, Allison did just end things with Scott, and seems to rebounding with Isaac. Let's just hope when her next fantasy strikes, she's alone in a room with padded walls.

Check out the video below to re-watch Allison's latest nightdaymare!