Who's This New Group Of 'Teen Wolf' Baddies Torturing Derek And Peter Hale?


Okay, let's shelve the Kitsune theories for juuuuust a second and focus on something a sliver more pressing: Who the hell are these meanies keeping Peter and Derek Hale captive, and WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH THEM?! When "Teen Wolf" opened tonight, there was one evil-looking fella threatening the Hales with talk of electrocuting them to death, chopping them in half and all sorts of other nasty stuff if they didn't give up the whereabouts of "la loba" or, as those of us who took French in high school later learned, the "She Wolf."

Before the mystery man could deliver on his promise to chainsaw the clueless Derek and Peter in two, they were saved by an even creepier woman (let's call her Abuela for now) who seemed to know a lot about the Hale family, including Peter's inability to ever shut up. Abuela was also pretty serious about finding la loba, and to prove it, she up and chopped off one of Pete's fingers. Luckily, one of Deucalion's hired guns (the same one who saved Isaac at the beginning of the season) freed the Hales before Grams could return to remove another digit, and the trio ended up recovering a mountain ash-encased triskele box from the gang's compound.

Neat story and all, but just who exactly are these people? Considering they were protecting the contents of the box in mountain ash, they're probably human. Could they be long-lost relatives searching for Malia, the werecoyote Scott managed to free from her animalistic state? Or, perhaps la loba is Cora, and they're targeting the Hales to settle a score with her? We demand answers!

+ What's the verdict, Wolf Pack? Put on your thinking caps, dust off your Spanish-to-English dictionaries and weigh in on what the heck is going on with this new group of baddies on the Beacon Hills block!