Lil Duval Devotes A Full 'ATA' Segment To Floridian Insanity [Sneak Peek]


What do the Miami zombie, a mother/daughter porn duo and the "Batman" burglar all have in common? Well, aside from the obvious -- THEY CRAY -- these headline-makers all hail from Florida, and on the Season 2 premiere of "Ain't That America," Lil Duval will launch a new segment called "What The Florida?!" in honor of his home state and all the weird s**t that tends to go down there.

Lil D says in the interview clip below that 90 percent of "ATA"'s content hails from the Sunshine State ("We crazy!" he admits), though the "WTF?!" sneak peek underneath it is just a small taste of all the certifiable insanity the show has in store. You'll have to wait until Wednesday at 11/10c to see the entire, glorious segment, but for now, here's a look at Spiderman, Batman and a few other superheroes mistaking a kid's birthday party for a "Magic Mike" audition. You can thank us later?